The Private Presses of New Mexico

Laguna Mission Press

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Presbyterian missionary John Menaul was New Mexico's premier publisher of bilingual works. He got his first taste of printing in Africa and put his experience to use in New Mexico beginning in1877.

Following four years of work with Navajos at Fort Defiance, Arizona, he assumed a post at Laguna Pueblo, fifty miles west of Albuquerque. There he launched what has since become known as the Laguna Mission Press. Recognizing that a key element of bringing Christianity to the Pueblo people was a common language, Menaul produced educational material and religious tracts in English and Keres, the Laguna tongue. After leaving Laguna Pueblo in 1889, he settled in Albuquerque and continued to print Spanish language religious works.

John Menaul McGufeys New First Eclectic Reader, 1882 Hymn Book and Appendix in the Laguna Indian Language
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Laguna Mission Press Press of Padre Antonio Jose Martinez