The Private Presses of New Mexico

The Press of the Palace of the Governors

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The Press of the Palace of the Governors began in the late 1960s as a project of the Museum of New Mexico. At first it was a working exhibition where 19th century presses were used to produce replica wanted posters and newspapers.

Within a few short years, however, the press began turning out large-scale projects — limited edition books and portfolios — and made its way into the world of private publishing. Under the direction of Pamela Smith, a former Chicago writer, the Palace of Governors press became a hub of book art activity where the work of creating award-winning publications was juggled with special educational projects, exhibitions, and research.

In 2001, Colorado artist/printer Tom Leech took over the helm of the Palace Press and continues the tradition of finely printed Southwest literature.

Inside the Press of the Palace of Governors

Colts Armory Platen Press, 1872
New World SaintsSouthwest Writer Harvey Fergusson

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