The Private Presses of New Mexico

Seton Village Press

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At the invitation of renowned naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton, Maurice and Marceil Taylor moved their printing equipment to New Mexico in 1938 and set up the Seton Village Press. It was located on a 2,500 acre tract of land a few miles southeast of Santa Fe. The Village was home to the Seton Institute, including the Woodcraft League and the College of Indian Wisdom, a summer youth program at which students camped in tepees, participated in crafts, and studied plant and animal life.

The Taylors, who formerly published a philosophical journal in Iowa, had been Woodcraft Leaguers and shared Seton’s interest in outdoor life as a source of spiritual rejuvenation. With 300 pounds of type and their Chandler & Price platen press, they launched an energetic effort that produced 24 titles in less than five years. Closing the doors to the press in 1943, they moved to California and joined America’s vast labor pool in the work of the Second World War.

Maurice Taylor Marceil Taylor Map of Seton Village
The Indian Costume Book Pagans Praying
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