The Private Presses of New Mexico

Rini Templeton

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Rini Templeton dedicated her life to social justice and used her graphic talents to voice her convictions. Although she never officially set up her own press or gave it a name, she produced hundreds of broadsides, fliers and pamphlets, and taught others how to do the same.

A peripatetic illustrator, she made her home base in Taos in the late 1950s. From here she traveled through Cuba, Mexico, Central America and the Southwestern United States. Her journeys took her to political marches and rallies where she captured the raw emotions of the moment in bold pen and ink drawings. She then donated the unsigned work to be used by the groups involved. Templeton left Taos in 1974 to live in Mexico, where she continued to work for populace movements. She died there in 1986.

Homage to Neruda Homage to Neruda Homage to Neruda
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