The Private Presses of New Mexico

The Bobcat Press

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Unlike other private publishing efforts, The Bobcat Press in Cedar Crest, New Mexico, focused more on the building of printing presses than the use of them.

Inspired by a press once used by Benjamin Franklin, sculptor Dick Hicks set out to replicate a Common Press, a wood hand press used from the outset of printing through the early 1800s. He used a 17th century British manual on the printing arts as a guide and completed his first machine in 1975. Before he ceased production in 1993, he had built nearly thirty Bobcat presses that sold throughout the Unites States and Europe.

Dick Hicks casting Bobcat press hardware Mechanick Exercises on the Whole Art of Printing

Bobcat press Bobcat press
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Stagecoach Press The Lightning Tree
Thistle Press The Bobcat Press
Rini Templeton Vinegar Tom Press

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