The Private Presses of New Mexico

Vinegar Tom Press

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On the advice of Stagecoach Press proprietor Jack Rittenhouse, Andy Gregg purchased a small hobby press in 1968 and set out to produce books for “fun and profit” in his Albuquerque garage.

Named for a dog-like creature cited in 17th century witchcraft lore, the Vinegar Tom Press published chapbooks of regional interest. Like many private press efforts, Gregg”s publishing firm was a one-man cottage industry where he hand set type, printed and bound his books, then marketed them to collectors, historians, and area book shops. His printing came to an end in 1972 when both fun and profit ceased, and Gregg lost his enthusiasm for a business where he lamented that he was forced “to eat the losses but couldn’t eat the leftovers.”

Harvey Girls Recipe A New Mexico Christmas

Poetic License Vinegar Tom press mark
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